Learning to live in complete truth will allow you to attract what is right for you.


Finding our inner truth must surely start with actually living in truth.  It sounds easy but for the vast majority of us, lies are a way of life. Most of us make the distinction between ‘white’ lies and ‘black’ lies – the assumption being that ‘white’ lies are ok and even a necessary part of life in order to protect people around us.  However, I posit that this attitude is nothing short of arrogant since in such cases the liar assumes he/she knows what truths can be handled by the other person. Perhaps instead, we should trust that others have the wherewithal to grapple with the uncomfortable facts that apply to them.  After all, when we discover that we have been lied to ourselves we feel patronized at best, betrayed at worst.

Clearly we need to find the right way of being truthful. There are always at least two ways to say most things that need to be said.  Being truthful must go hand in hand with compassion and empathy otherwise we risk simply sounding nasty and unpleasant. That in itself is a meditation in non-violent communication – carefully thinking matters through before we blurt them out is particularly important if we are to walk this path of truth.

From an energetic point of view, telling lies has the same effect whether they are little ‘innocent’ lies or great big lies.  When we are speaking and living in truth our energy flows in a continual smooth motion. When we lie, it simply stops. And then continues on again.  This will happen whether the lie is black or white – our energetic body does not know the difference. Relate this to the electricity flowing through a washing machine for instance – if we keep switching the machine on and off, it will break much faster than if the machine is allowed to run as it is supposed to.

Accordingly, if we consider that energetically speaking a lie is a lie whether it is small or large, a further knock on effect of lying, even when it is “only small white lies” is that it becomes hard to trust ourselves. Even though the majority of the times, these little lies roll off our tongues without even thinking about it, we intrinsically know that we are liars and anyone will find it hard to trust a known liar.  Consequently, say we are working on loving ourselves and part of our practice is to repeat positive affirmations every day such as “I am beautiful and capable and I don’t have to prove anything to anyone;” if we are not simultaneously making an effort to live in truth, to be aware of the tiny lies we tell on a daily basis and endeavouring to stop this habit, even when we repeat our affirmations, it can be really hard to believe ourselves.

Essentially, the person we lie to most is our self.  It is ourselves that we keep deluding.  We have elaborate ways of hiding the truth from ourselves, no matter how apparent it is.
Until we make a conscious effort to stop lying on all levels, it can be really hard to see our inner truth.

For the most part, we avoid the truth because it frightens us, or makes us angry, or makes us feel lost. We often create our lives based on particular notions we have formed about ourselves and the world around us.  Should those notions turns out to be fully or even partially incorrect, we may feel that our whole perception of reality is being threatened.

It takes a strong person to face the truth in circumstances like these, and many of us run for cover instead. Nevertheless, we can only avoid the truth for so long before it begins to make itself known in ever more forceful ways.

We can find ourselves stuck in a cycle that will keep repeating until we learn the lessons those experiences are trying to teach us.  For example, continually attracting the narcissistic partner or other repetitive situations that lead us to cry, “why does this keep happening to me?!”

These lessons inevitably involve seeing, understanding and accepting certain truths about ourselves. However, seeing and accepting truth is quite hard when we have a habit of lying, even when it is ‘only’ small white lies.

Fundamentally, there is no way to avoid the truth, no matter how painful it is, so the sooner we get into a habit of living in truth, the better. The more we live in truth, the easier it will be to see and know the truth about ourselves.  Once we accept our truth and acknowledge that we may have to adjust our lives to accommodate, we are in alignment with reality. Ultimately, as we step into our truth, we reveal our true nature – the divinity within us and that will allow us to attract those people and situations that can help us to be the best we can be.

Whatever the truth is, we must make a sincere effort not to turn away from it, but instead be grateful that we have access to it. ॐ