Everyone at some stage will be affected by grief. It is an emotional state that is usually associated with the loss of a loved one. However, it is most certainly not confined to that. If someone grieves because they are unable to have children or because they have lost a job, this grief can sometimes be no less painful. Even for someone who is giving up alcohol or drugs, that person can grieve for the loss of an old lifestyle and the friends associated with it.

You may feel drained of every ounce of vitality, more and more exhausted over time, it may even be physically painful just to make any decisions. Most people are completely unprepared for the feelings of confusion and disorganization.

Dealing with grief is never easy but don’t ever bottle it up. Emotion should be energy in motion – it should be allowed to flow. When we bottle it up, it literally gets stored in the physical body and can make us sick, although not necessarily immediately; illness from stored low energy frequencies can manifest many years later. Literally sobbing with grief rather than merely crying or weeping is a healthy and vital way of expressing grief emotions and allowing that sense of inner loss, sadness and emptiness to pass through the body rather than get stuck there.

Spending time with trusted confidants sharing the reasons for your grief, remembering good times and loved ones, getting adequate sleep, eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise are all important. But sometimes even these things can be difficult to manage even though we know they are good for us. Knowing that the feelings of loss might never go away can stop us from moving forward.

Even though time may help but never cure, energetic healing can offer profound help in accepting our pain and moving toward a state of healing and peace. For instance working with spirit of honeysuckle will integrate the wisdom that any loss will bring and therefore allow us to remember the past whilst letting go and be fully involved in the present.

For further help please do contact me for a consultation.  I offer these by distance as well as in person so I can help you wherever you are in the world. ॐ