Dealing with the emotions at the root of addiction will allow us to attract situations and people that honour our best interests.


Addiction affects so many of us. I define addiction as the inability to stay away from something which has a negative affect on us.

If a person drinks occasionally or is merely a recreational user of a substance, we do not consider them to be an addict. Also, if someone is a habitual meditator or swimmer, we do not call them an addict because the ‘habit’ is good for them. It must be habitual use AND of something bad for you.

Addictions can manifest in a myriad of ways. For some it’s drugs (prescribed or illegal) or alcohol, for others it’s unhealthy relationships – if someone consistently treats you unfairly and you keep going back for more, it is just like an addiction. Perhaps the addiction is the constant checking of the telephone or Facebook….an inability to just be.

Why does any addiction arise? The need to feel love and connection, the need to fill an emptiness. That sense of lacking or sense of lesser self worth perhaps came about due to a basic lack of cuddles in childhood (for example). Finding the cause, however, is only useful to be able to accept that this neediness exists. Acceptance is key for moving forward. Blame will not help!

Sometimes we think that we have beaten an addiction but we have in fact merely replaced it with something else. The root causes of depression, anxiety, loneliness or lack of self worth still exist and the cycle continues.

Trying to avoid situations where alcohol and narcotics are available can sometimes mean cutting yourself off from social situations altogether which can then exacerbate the feelings of loneliness and depression.

Unpacking these feelings can be a slow process for anyone. Meditation is a big help and though I also teach this, I am aware that it’s not for everyone.

Working with plant spirits through energetic healing can help to bring about significant shifts in our thinking about ourselves and to release old wounds. Working with plant spirits makes looking at ourselves a more gentle and far easier process than it might be otherwise.

If we can deal with the issues and emotions, the neediness rooted in the cause of depression or addiction then it is possible to enjoy ourselves at the party without it being a problem.  More importantly we find ourselves able to attract into our lives situations and people that honour our best interests. ॐ